Fall Festival Market

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Choose the space that you would like to reserve for the Fall Festival Market.  Spaces 2 through 75 are on the main market field, spaces FH-1 to FH-19 are in front of the Fellowship Hall, and spaces Ftn-1 to Ftn-12 are in the Fountain area.  Space numbers ending in “T” are for TABLES ONLY, and have insufficient room for a canopy.

There are no remaining reservation spaces.

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The 2024 Fall Festival Market will be held October 26th.   Vendor reservations will open at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 1st.

The Fall Festival Market is the largest of our annual “special event” markets.  It is held on the last Saturday in October, from 9:00 – 2:00.   Many area children (and their parents) attend and enjoy Trick-or-Treating, and both vendors and visitors are encouraged to celebrate the season by wearing festive Halloween costumes.

Vendor reservations for the Fall Festival open on Tuesday evening of the first week in October.

As with the Christmas Craft Fair and Spring Fling Craft Market, two more vendor areas are added for the Fall Festival Market, for a total of 106 spaces.  Please note: there are NO drop-in spaces for special event markets; they are ALL by ONLINE RESERVATION ONLY.

In addition to the market, Midland United Methodist Church (our market’s host) may be offering bounce castles, rides, games, a bake sale, a silent auction, and other family-friendly activities in and around the church buildings; these church activities begin at 11:00.

The fee for the Fall Festival Market is somewhat higher than for the regular season markets, reflecting the longer selling hours and bigger crowds that attend, although as with the weekly markets, all the vendor fee proceeds from the event will be distributed to a local charity.

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